March 22nd, 2009


Breaking News: Yaffa Cafe Is Still Alive!

I haven't been to Yaffa Cafe in a decade. Or two, come to think of it. I was kind of expecting it to have closed the way so many other downtown staples have -- R.I.P. Kiev Diner, Love Saves the Day, Religious Sex, etc. -- but when morbidmusings came into the city for a visit today, that's where she wanted to go for lunch, and lo and behold it was still there! Thank god for minor miracles!

We had the cutest waitress ever, for values of "had" that do not include the two of us simultaneously seducing her the way we wanted to (morbidmusings is fun that way). After being given our free Yaffa Cafe condom (!) upon payment of the bill, we then hit some of the usual downtown places, including Trash & Vaudeville and Search & Destroy, and some not-so-usual places like New York Costumes and Fantasy World. It was a lovely day for walking the Village and window shopping, with morbidmusings as the perfect companion for that. I like a woman who swears like a sailor with Tourette's, and who can even make me blush with some of the things she says, but who also isn't afraid to have a pink cover for her iPhone. Did I mention her leopard pattern coat and Jackie O. sunglasses? Hellz yeah, there should be more women like her in the world!