March 20th, 2009


And Now, a Few Words from Gabriel Hunt

The Gabriel Hunt series of adventure novels is launching this April, and to celebrate, the Adventures of Gabriel Hunt website has been given an overhaul. Now you can see bigger images of all six book covers as well as read excerpts from each of them.

The novel I helped Gabriel write, since he doesn't have a lot of time for tapping the keyboard between exploring tombs in remote locations and being chased through jungles by megalomaniacal madmen, is called Hunt at World's End, and it has its own special page here, including an excerpt of the first chapter. Just enough to whet your appetite before the book is released in November.

Happy hunting!

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Over at his "Somebody Dies" blog, Craig Clarke has some nice things to say about me and my 2003 Prime Books collection Walk in Shadows as part of his Friday's Forgotten Book series.

Despite what some reviewers would have you think, it's really not very often that a debut fiction collection comes along that trumpets an exciting new talent (at least new to me). I've probably only read three so far in my life. The first was Soft and Others by F. Paul Wilson, then more recently there was Douglas Clegg's The Nightmare Chronicles.

Now, add Nicholas Kaufmann to that list. With Walk in Shadows, he shows a sure hand at horror, from the psychological profile ("Not That Kind of Story") to the kinetic escape (aptly titled "Go!").

Unfortunately, Walk in Shadows is currently out of print and appears to be fetching over $90 a copy on the secondhand Internet market. I hope interested readers will be able to find a better deal out there!