March 19th, 2009


I'm Awesomer Than You

Last night, after an uncomfortably crowded but otherwise stellar KGB Bar reading and the usual Chinese feast, I got to go out for drinks with pgtremblay, his wife, and Stewart O'Nan. I hadn't seen Stewart in years, not since his last reading at the KGB Bar back in...jeez, I'm guessing 2004. He's a great guy, smart and funny and literate, and I really enjoy hanging out with him. I wish he'd come to NYC more often! The same applies to Paul and his wife. They're some of my favorite people. We talked about books, the publishing business and the occasional crappy horror product well into the night.

Oh, and I finally picked up a copy of Paul's debut novel, The Little Sleep. Not only did Paul sign it for me, I also got his agent and editor at Holt to sign it too. Because that's how I roll.

Better Off Ted

Aside from the silly pun of the title, I found Wednesday's premiere of the new workplace sitcom Better Off Ted to be pretty cute. It's got a nice Arrested Development-esque sense of absurdity, and the cast seems game. Jay Harrington and Andrea Anders play the semi-normal people we're supposed to identify with at the crazy research and development firm where the action takes place, with Portia de Rossi as their emotionless cyborg of a boss. Malcolm Barrett, who looks remarkably like Dave Chappelle, and Jonathan Slavin provide the comic relief as a codependent pair of goofy scientists who try to turn the bosses' crazy ideas for products into reality.

I like this one enough to see where it goes. My one gripe? Once again the lead is a single dad with a wise-beyond-her-years little girl, this time one so young - she can't be older than five - that it sounds like her lines are being dubbed in by an older woman just so they can be understood by audience members who aren't used to deciphering the babbling of small children. Seriously, it's time to retire this trope already. There's nothing wrong with kids acting like kids. Usually it's more interesting that way anyway.