March 11th, 2009


Saturn Award Nominees

That annual embarrassment known as the Saturn Awards, presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, has announced their nominees for the, ahem, best of 2008. And it's just as embarrassalicious as ever!

Let's take a look at some of the most egregious nominations this year.

Among the nominees for Best Science Fiction Film we see... The Day the Earth Stood Still? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? What, no Eagle Eye? Oh wait, yeah, there it is.

The Happening and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor nominated for Best Horror Film? Seriously? And look, Changeling and Gran Torino got nominated in the Best Action/Adventure/Thriller category! Boy were both those movies thrilling rollercoasters! But don't look for Wanted in that same category. No, that one got nominated for Best Fantasy. You know, alongside Prince Caspian and Twilight.

Will Smith is up for Best Actor for Hancock, along with Harrison "Where's the camera?" Ford for Skull and Tom "Eyepatch" Cruise for Valkyrie. Yes, Valkyrie. Apparently, his undisguised American accent counts as a speculative element.

Congrats to Shia LaBeouf for his Best Supporting Actor nod for Skull! I knew it was an award-winning performance the moment I saw him swinging on those vines with the chimps. Also congrats to Joan Allen for her Best Supporting Actress nod for Death Race. At last your work is being recognized!

Casablanca received a nomination in the Best DVD Classic Film Release alongside Psycho and The Nightmare Before Christmas. What, you didn't know Casablanca is a work of science fiction, fantasy, horror and/or action/adventure/thriller? Foolish blog reader. Surely the scene where Rick encounters the Sand People and their giant Bantha steeds gave that away!

Way to stay focused, Saturn Awards! I can't wait to see how else you embarrass yourself when the winners are announced June 25th!