March 9th, 2009


The Trivia King Earns a $10 Bar Tab

Team Totally Tits (insert usual disclaimer here about how I didn't come up with the name and how it's ironic that the team is almost entirely men now) came in third tonight at our monthly bout of bar trivia. We seem to be plateauing at third or fourth place these days, which isn't bad, especially when it's out of sixteen teams, but for four-time winners like ourselves it's a bit of a letdown. Plus, the third place prize, a $10 bar tab, only gets our four-person team two beers. Blerg.

Still, we were pretty confident all night. The first round was, as always, the Grab Bag of mixed questions, which we did fine on. The second round was The Blankest, all about the tallest mountain, longest trails, deepest lakes, etc. Again, we did all right, but not perfect.

The third round was brutal. Usually the visual round, centering around arts or maps, this time it was the alphabet, wherein we had to name both the military code word and the Greek word for each letter (.e.g, B was Bravo and Beta). Tough stuff. We bullshitted our way to a score of a little better than half right, but if we'd done better I bet we would have won the night. The fourth round was pretty easy: Camping and Survival. For a Jewish city kid, I was surprised by how much I knew about the wilderness!

The fifth round was the audio round, and this time it was Everything Needs More Cowbell. Ten-second snippets of songs using the infamous cowbell, which we then had to identify by title and artist. You cannot imagine my embarrassment after mistaking Run DMC's "King of Rock" for "Raising Hell"! Luckily I made up for it by being the only person on my team to remember that "Funky Town" is by Lipps Inc. and "Play That Funky Music" is by Wild Cherry. It pays to be old sometimes.

Team Totally Tits will be heading back on Monday, April 13 to see if we can break this weird pattern of stalling out at third place. We need to put a fifth sticker on that trophy!