January 12th, 2009


New Job Announcement

As promised, I can at last reveal that I have been working for a literary and film manager since mid-December. Among my boss' biggest clients are Vincent Bugliosi and Jay Bonansinga, though he handles a lot of cool authors and screenwriters.

So what am I doing working for a high-powered literary and film manager? Two things. Under one hat I read through submissions and queries and decide if they might be right for him to represent (he's looking for very specific things right now). I have to tell you, it's great working for someone who trusts my judgment. The final call is his, always, but I've already pulled one or two things out of the pile that he agrees might have serious potential. The other hat is a little more fun, and that's where I get to help develop properties he has already taken on.

This job really suits me to a tee. I get along with everyone in the office, there's a wonderfully casual atmosphere, and I get to write, edit and critique all day. How cool is that? Plus, I've already learned so much over the past few weeks. Reading queries and submissions will do that. (You'd be surprised how many people think they can write books, and how much you can learn from others' mistakes.)

Before you ask, no, please don't send me your manuscripts or proposals to pass on to him, even if you're a dear friend in need of an agent/manager. I know what he's looking for, and if I think you've got it, I'll be in touch with you.

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