December 26th, 2008


Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8

I'm working today, tomorrow and Sunday at a local comics shop, doing a favor for my friends who own and operate it while their holiday social schedules run them ragged and keep them away. It's a lovely, clean store (how often can you say that about a comics shop, really?) with great customers (that too). And it's right in my neighborhood, which makes working this weekend no problem.

During some downtime today I managed to read all three of the Buffy the Vampire Season 8 trade collections. To my surprise, I really liked them. I say to my surprise because after the chore that was seasons 6 and 7, I thought I was done with Buffy. Over it. (And Joss Whedon too, whom I felt was becoming increasingly self-indulgent.) But in the Season 8 comics, a lot of that old magic is back, and yet it's all feeling fresh to me again. A lot of the familiar characters come back too. There's a great bit with Xander going to visit Dracula, and even Ethan Rayne shows up, albeit all too briefly.

I won't give anything away here -- all the characters have their own subplots going on, so it's kind of too convoluted to summarize anyway -- but I will say that if you liked the TV show, and even if, like me, you felt it had grown musty and stale by the time it finally limped to its grave, the Season 8 comics are well worth a read.