December 8th, 2008


The Trivia King Gets Trounced

Well, not terribly, but still, we came in 7th place.

The rest of my team couldn't show up tonight, so I joined some other friends and formed Team Very Balthrop Christmas (don't ask). We did pretty well for most of the night. The first round, as always, was the Grab Bag of random questions. Second round was Movie Plots, where they would vaguely describe a movie and we had to name it and the year it came out. I immediately recognized Predator 2 and, of all things, Freddy Got Fingered from their descriptions. I don't know whether to feel proud about that or not. Anyway, we were in second place after that. Third round was naming all the major sports teams (baseball, football, hockey and basketball) for a bunch of states and cities, which we pretty much aced thanks to one teammate. Fourth round was Ad Slogans, naming the product that went with each slogan, which we did so-so on. But the last round...oh, the last round. The audio round.

Fill in the missing verse of the Christmas song. It's amazing how well one knows Christmas songs just from exposure, and even more amazing how little one knows some of the more obscure verses in the middle. Also, did I mention more than half of Team Very Balthrop Christmas was Jewish?

So yeah, 7th place. I'll be back Monday, January 12, hopefully with the rest of my team, so that Team Totally Tits can reclaim that damn trophy!