November 22nd, 2008


The Real World and Me

Tonight I went to my friend J.'s birthday party at a bar he likes in Park Slope. They were also filming an episode of The Real World: Brooklyn there with three of the male cast members (don't ask me who, I don't watch that show). An small crew followed them around and hovered over their table with a boom mic, lights, giganto-camera, the whole shebang.

I really, really wanted to insert myself into the scene, but I couldn't decide what to do. Feign drunkenness and go all "You guys,, you guys, listen...seriously, you guys" on them? Stand in the background and flash the camera? Pick a fight ("This is my table, hipster douchebags!")? Too many options!

So, in the end, I just stayed with my friends and talked about the economy, about fifty-year-olds we know with kids in college suddenly being let go, how the arts will seriously suffer next year with fewer benefactors, how Citigroup's stock sank to $3.77 today when it was at $30 a year ago, etc. Basically, we were talking about the real world, while The Real World guys were talking about who they hated in the house, or who they wanted to bang. Irony!