November 16th, 2008


Another Way to Die

I'm as excited about the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace as the next guy. I might even splurge to see it on the big screen, something I rarely do in these days of $10-$12 movie tickets.

But I gotta say, the theme song by Alicia Keys and Jack White, "Another Way to Die," is freaking awful! Chris Cornell's song for Casino Royale, "You Know My Name," was no great shakes either, but it sounds like the freaking Brandenburg Concertos compared to "Another Way to Die," which is such an atonal mess it almost makes one long for A-Ha's shitty "The Living Daylights."

The link above takes you to the music video for "Another Way to Die." Here's a fun party game: See if you can sit through all four minutes and twenty-five seconds of it without hitting the stop button or opening a new window to distract yourself.