November 13th, 2008


Two More TV Series Found Dead, NBC Labeled "Person of Interest"

The cadavers of the high-concept, low-viewership 2008 TV season continue to pile up. NBC confirmed it has canceled two of its dramas, Lipstick Jungle, which premiered last season, and My Own Worst Enemy.

Enemy was one of NBC's most hyped new shows. It was supposed to be one-time It Boy Christian Slater's comeback after sludging his way through subpar dreck like Alone in the Dark and Hollow Man 2 over the last few years. The series was a high concept, big budget, action-spy drama with a movie star in the lead -- and no one, including me, gave a damn. It's hard to say whether its failure can be deposited directly on Christian Slater's doorstep (he's a terrible actor who had one good movie, Heathers, and managed to almost not destroy another, The Name of the Rose) or if the concept simply didn't grab the viewing public, but I will say this.

I called it. Every time I saw a promo for My Own Worst Enemy, I knew the show wasn't long for this world. My main indication of this was the fact that the promos included lots of action and guns and explosions and slightly sfnal technology, and I still wasn't interested. I never watched a single episode. Looks like a lot of people felt the same way.

Also, Christian Slater is, quite simply, over. It's time for him to either open a restaurant or star in an embarrassing reality series on VH1.

In other news, the Devil was seen dancing on God's dead body after learning, in a sign of the impending apocalypse, that Fringe and Knight Rider are still on the air.