November 11th, 2008


The Trivia King Rises Phoenix-Like from the Dead

Not being deathly ill this month, I was able to go to last night's Trivia Night and help my team crawl out of the 10th Place hole it fell into last month and climb all the way back up to achieve 2nd Place! Team Totally Tits is back, y'all!

The first round, as always, was the "Grab Bag," which is tough. Second round was "Are You Smarter than Sarah Palin?" It consisted of political and geographic trivia, and it turns out our team is smarter than Sarah Palin, but not by all that much. The Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson, for instance, completely slipped our minds when the question of the "separate but equal" court decision came up. Gah! We were in 9th Place after the first two rounds. Things just didn't look good.

The third round, always the visual round, was a little different this time. It was a word jumble called "Change-A-Letter." We were given fifteen minutes to complete the round. We did it in five, and got a perfect score to boot. Unfortunately, just about everyone else got a perfect score too, so we didn't advance much.

The fourth round, in celebration of Trivia Night's one year anniversary, was "Know Your Bartender Kelly." The round was completely unfair, since a lot of teams only come for Trivia Night and aren't regulars at the bar. How are any of them supposed to know what sport Kelly excelled in during high school? Luckily one of my teammates is a regular and knows Kelly pretty well, so we were able to pull ahead. Still, we rose only to about 5th Place.

Then came the fifth round, always the audio round. It was called, ahem, "Watch Much TV Lately?" Sixteen TV theme songs, and we had to identify not just the title but the network and debut year too. So...yeah. We finished 2nd Place overall, losing 1st by only one point. (If only we had been able to remember Judith Light's characters last name on Who's the Boss? during the "Grab Bag" round! It's Bower, by the way.)

T3 will return to try to climb back up to 1st Place on Monday, December 8!

Stoker Season Is Upon Us

It's that time of year again! I received no fewer than three books in the mail yesterday, all with letters imploring me to consider them for this year's Bram Stoker Award.

As is usually the case when this happens, all the three books are from small indie presses, possibly printed via POD, and it got me thinking. How come no one ever sends me expensive art books for Stoker consideration? Where are all the horror-related multi-volume encyclopedia sets, coffee table photography books, leather-bound grimoires stuffed inside slipcases made of actual bone? Where is my copy of the new annotated Dracula, or the Bernie Wrightson Frankenstein? Why won't Dan Simmons send me his latest hardcover, Drood?

Come on, people, send me the high end stuff! That's not too much to ask, is it?