November 8th, 2008


The Smoke Joint

Good, authentic, relatively inexpensive barbecue in the heart of Brooklyn? Who knew? Not me, until a friend took me there last night!

The Smoke Joint.

Of course, for authenticity's sake, the woman pictured on the front page of the website ought to have bits of rib and corn between her teeth, and at least a dollop of barbecue sauce on her chin or at the corner of her mouth -- or, as has been known to happen to me, the tip of her nose. Barbecue is a messy meal, people.

Anyway, go. Eat. You're all skin and bones! Just make sure not to go at 8 PM on a Friday night like we did. Locals know where to go for good food, see, and the joint gets crowded.

Poll: A DVD Dilemma

Big thanks to ktempest for alerting me to a special sale going on at, one of the cheapest places on the Web for buying DVDs (they have CDs and books at pretty steep discounts too). Apparently, if you use coupon code DDAF before November 24, you get 25% off their already pretty low prices on all DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, PSP UMDs, “Fun Stuff” products (whatever those are), posters and storage furniture. For someone like me who is on a serious budget and can't afford to buy DVDs regularly (or, really, much of anything regularly) this is an offer that's hard to pass up.

So I've narrowed it down to two DVD choices, but I can only afford one. I need your help to make the final decision!

In this corner: Pumpkinhead, Stan Winston's 1988 low-budget horror movie starring Lance Henriksen, before the words "low-budget horror movie starring Lance Henriksen" became synonymous with "direct-to-video." Or "SciFi Channel."

Pros: A classic revenge demon run amok story laced with backwoods bayou magic. Outstanding atmosphere, art and set direction. The monster is an actual man in a rubber costume (as well as incorporating detailed puppetry), not some CGI abomination that's clearly not even in the same shot as the actors. Fond memories of my sophomore year in college, when the movie was first released. Lance Henrikson. Plus, unlike the previous DVD release, this new collector's edition includes commentary, documentaries, and a widescreen transfer.

Cons: Nostalgia aside, the movie is basically a bunch of teenagers being stalked and killed by a monster, so it's not exactly groundbreaking. Also, no nudity that I recall.

And in this corner: Pieces, Juan Piquer Simón's 1982 Spanish slasher flick, wherein a mysterious killer takes a chainsaw to victims on a "Boston" college campus in an homage not just to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre but also, of all things, Frankenstein.

Pros: One of the few sleazy exploitation slasher flicks I actually enjoy on a so-bad-it's-good level. Lots of grisly, over the top murder scenes, which, though it shames me to admit, I do enjoy watching on occasion. Crazy early-80s fashions as envisioned by a baroque Spanish director. Howlingly bad dialogue with even worse dubbing. A new, two-disc DVD release chock full of extras like interviews and a widescreen transfer. Also, it's a veritable cavalcade of boobs.

Cons: A slasher film is still a slasher film -- underneath, they're all basically the same. Also, someone might actually notice it in my DVD collection, which would lead to a shame spiral of unheralded proportions.

Poll #1293774 DVD Dilemma!

Help! Which one will it be? Please choose only one.


Please note that the poll's third option, "You have terrible taste in movies and I don't even want to know you anymore," has been disallowed.