October 24th, 2008


What Can I Say? I Had To Think Fast!

From Susie Bright's journal:

I have a new book out for the holidays, a fancy-pantsy slip-covered hardback called X: The Erotic Treasury, with forty stories from my favorite erotic literary fiction authors.

I asked all my writers, "What song would you like to dedicate to your story?"

Below is a list of all the stories, with the title, author, song, and synopsis.

The other authors chose cool songs by Aimee Mann and Royal Pink and The Rolling Stones and Garbage and Bikini Kill. So what song did I choose? What song did I feel best encapsulated the plot, the feel of my story?

9. Comeback
by Nick Kaufmann

"Magic" by Olivia Newton-John

A broken down porn star gets one hell of a supernatural last chance.

Yeah, I know. I have no one to blame but myself. And the shame spiral begins in three...two...one...