October 17th, 2008


A Halloween Tradition

Last night I went to Blood Manor with my friends and fellow writers David Wellington and Rhodi Hawk. This is the third year in a row I've gone; Blood Manor is fast becoming a Halloween tradition!

They've updated it a bit since last year. They completely redid the 3D maze, and now it's even more amazing than before, including actors in makeup that pops through the 3D glasses, and a zombie dummy whose guts you can see when viewed through the glasses. There was also a room in the manor featuring a maniac barber, which was new I think, that had the coolest animatronic dummy of them all. His head was cut open to reveal his brain, and when he starts struggling in his chair as you pass by, a mist of water hits you, as if his blood is spraying all over you. Awesome!

There was a lot of great makeup on the ghouls who wander around the various rooms and warm up the crowd outside*. Lots of the undead with liberal doses of fake blood all over them, and one guy in a truly amazing stilt costume. If I were an actor, I think Blood Manor would be the most fun place to work. It's a steady job for at least a month, and I bet it qualifies them for admission to the Guild. But more importantly, you get to dress up all crazy and freak people out!

Once again I found myself wanting to stop and chat with the actresses, who all looked so cute in their monster makeup, but they herd you through pretty fast. Also, someone was chasing Rhodi with a chainsaw. Through, like, every room. Now that I think about it, I wonder if he was even part of the show... (Actually, the ghouls loved Rhodi! They followed her around because she would actually scream and back away from them, which only made the ghouls happier.)

Then we went to Mustang Sally's for dinner, which was fun, but the prices there have gotten completely out of hand. My spinach salad was $11.95! Almost twelve bucks for a salad? And a rather small one at that? Why, Mustang Sally's, why?

* Though, while we were waiting to get in, a bus filled with female professional dancers headed for one of the nearby clubs parked on the street. This caught the warm-up ghouls' attention, so they left the actual Blood Manor patrons alone and surrounded the bus, banging on the windows and windshield while the scantily-clad women inside cowered in mock terror, and I thought, I've seen this movie before.