October 13th, 2008



I've been dreadfully sick since Saturday night. All I can do is lie on the couch and watch an average of 10 hours of TV a day. No joke. I have no idea where the hours go, only that the TV has barely been off for the past two days. It's like white noise.

To whit, I just watched most of an episode of The Hills before I realized what I was doing. If I come to you one day begging to know if Audrina winds up with Corey or Justin, please do me -- and the world -- a favor and shoot me in the head.

But only after you tell me.

In other OMG TV news, I already mentioned that Heroes is turning into a Veronica Mars reunion show with both Veronica and Weevil on it now, but tonight's episode was a veritable reunion of The Wire, with both Marlo Stanfield and Bubbles. Nice! Isn't another Wire alum currently on the new 90210? I smell crossover!

As for True Blood? Werecollie.

Anyway, I'm clearly feverish and delusional. Would someone like to finish writing this novel for me?

The Trivia King Sniffles and Limps Back from the Couch

I haven't missed a Trivia Night in ten months, but unfortunately I was too sick to go tonight. I did just get a text message from a teammate, though, telling me how Team Totally Tits did without me.

10th place.

10th place?!

That's the lowest we've ever placed.

10th place!

I have no delusions of grandeur -- I'm hardly the smartest person in the team -- but I'm shocked at how poorly the team did in my absence. What the hell kind of questions were being asked? I'll find out soon.

10th place!