October 11th, 2008


The First Casualty of the 2008-9 TV Season

Somehow this slipped past me, but the first casualty of the 2008-9 TV season was announced on September 26. The Jerry O'Connell-works-in-a-hotel sitcom Do Not Disturb has the dubious distinction of being the first new show to be canceled, after airing only three episodes. In fact, the producers even wrote a letter apologizing to TV critics for how bad it was! How often does that happen? Not often enough!

Only time will tell what the next casualty of the new TV season will be. Valentine? Gary Unmarried? Kath & Kim? Worst Week? All I can say with any certainty is that it won't be the show any of us were expecting it to be: NBC just ordered four more episodes of Knight Rider.