October 6th, 2008


Sunday Night HBO Craziness

Oh no you DIDN'T, True Blood! If you're going to end with that, at least give me some ceiling hook sex first to soften the blow!

Also, I'm done with The Life and Times of Tim. It's terrible. I actually deleted it from my DVR's series manager while I was watching tonight's episode.

Caption Contest Results

Back on Friday, I held an unofficial caption contest for this picture:

The suggested captions were all great -- though there was a surprising lack of Mel Brooks jokes; I mean, just look at Palin's father! -- so it was very hard to choose a winner. Here, at last, are the results:

"Is...is your daughter wearing shoulder pads?" - pabba

"If they don't get their hands off me, I will kill them both while they sleep." - vschanoes

"You were awesome on 30 ROCK!" - burger_eater

"With the soul of this child, the pact is complete." "See you at midnight." - xlnyc

Congratulations, pabba! As I said, it's not a real contest, there's no actual prize, but you get to feel really good about yourself as a witty individual in front of the 400 or so people who read this blog!

Good work, everyone who played!

X: The Erotic Treasury

UPS brought my author's copy of X: The Erotic Treasury today, and it's gorgeous! Inside the slipcase is a hardcover book whose cover has a shiny, felt-like texture to it, and black endpapers that mirror the leafy floral design that's on the cover and the slipcase. Gold lettering on the spine. This is easily the most beautifully designed book that a story of mine has ever been in.

There might be a signing event in New York City sometime in January that I'll be taking part in. I'll keep you posted.