October 5th, 2008


Mozzarepa Day

Today was the Atlantic Antic street fair in Brooklyn, and you know what that means.


In my world, the Atlantic Antic exists solely for my annual Devouring of the Mozzarepa ritual. (Actually, this is my second 'arepa this year. I split one at a 4th of July street fair with suricattus.) This year I also had my once-a-decade corn dog. Yum!

My only other goal was to find $10 bed sheets like I did at that same 4th of July street fair, but no luck. However, had I been looking for homemade jewelry, body oils or petitions to sign, it would have been the most successful day of my life. I couldn't even find a giant pack of irregular socks. What's wrong with street fairs these days?

I did run into my ex-wife, though, for like the third time since June!