September 22nd, 2008


The Authors Guild

I've got an Authors Guild informational membership packet heading my way this week. I'm mostly interested in their New York City health insurance options, since my COBRA continuation from the video store is running out soon and becoming a single-payer again with the majors like Blue Cross and Oxford is ridiculously out of my price range.

Does anyone have any experience with the Authors Guild and their insurance plan? I'd love to hear your opinions, good or bad.

Worst Week

Tedious! Tonight's premiere of this CBS sitcom was like watching all the most tedious parts of Meet the Parents condensed into twenty-two minutes, only with awkward pauses to allow for laughter from the home audience, which never comes.

I only gave it a shot because it sounded like it might be funny in a smart, Arrested Development kind of way, but it wasn't. At all.

I'm guessing cancellation by mid-season. Maybe sooner.


"Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting."

For a while there, I wasn't sure if I was watching the season premiere of Heroes or some kind of TV movie remake of Halloween! But anyway, welcome back, Heroes! The two episodes that aired back-to-back tonight were already eight million times better than all of last season. Good save! Also, you've almost succeeded in making Maya interesting. And you actually made Mohinder interesting, finally! Way to go!

Mad props to whoever thought of casting William Katt, of The Greatest American Hero fame, as a nosy New York reporter. At this point, I'm fully expecting Adam West and Julie Newmar to show up sometime.

But the coolest thing of all? One of the new villains is played by Francis Capra. That's right: Weevil! Along with Kristen Bell as Elle, it's a veritable Veronica Mars reunion! And hey, I hear Jason Dohring is looking for work again now that Moonlight has been put out of its misery. Why not make it a trifecta? Then I can pretend Veronica Mars was never canceled!

The Heroes formula is starting to show through the seams, though. Once again there's a dip into the future to reveal some horrible catastrophe that MUST BE STOPPED, and once again the future versions of our heroes are all scarred and ugly. Well, except for Future Claire. She's not scarred, she's a brunette instead. Spooky! Also, more weird shit happens: people I assumed were dead aren't, more people are secretly related than we knew before, and Mr. Muggles gets some screen time. Oh Heroes, I love how you think you can get away with whatever you want because your characters have magical super powers!

Still, the show knows how to push its viewers' buttons well, layering cliffhanger upon cliffhanger, revelation upon revelation, until we're whipped into such a frenzy by the end of the episode that we want the next one to be aired now, now, now!

Second season forgiven, Heroes. Now come here and give me a hug!