September 9th, 2008


The Trivia King Triumphant!

Second place! Woohoo! Team Totally Tits was back in full force tonight, with all four members in attendance, and boy did that make all the difference. It felt good to place again, even if we didn't come in first. That honor went to our arch-nemeses, the Steve McQueens, themselves making a triumphant return after missing the past two or three trivia nights. Welcome back, Steve McQueens...and prepare to be squashed next month!

The first round was, as always, the grab bag. And as always we did so-so. The second round was Greek mythology. I got all cocky, thinking my nerdish knowledge of mythology, coupled with the countless hours of my life spent flipping through the Deities and Demigods manual in the bathroom, would make this round an easy ace. Boy was I wrong! These questions were hard! We got a few right off the bat -- Odysseus' wife's name is Penelope! -- but on many others we drew a blank. The Cyclops' name? The name of Oedipus' father? King Minos' daughter's name? If I'd done this round in high school, I would have aced it no problem. But now all that information is gone.

We ranked pretty low after the first two rounds. The third round is always the visual round, and this time we had to identify hotels by their logos. We cleaned up and edged our way back to the top, missing only a few answers in the process. (Did you know there's a hotel chain called Clarion? We didn't.)

Round five? TV families. Step back, suckers, and let the TV Nerd go to work! It wasn't entirely as easy as it sounds, though. The series name was given, as were all the immediate family members the show revolved around save for one. For example, the host would say, "On The Addams Family, there were Pugsley, Wednesday, Morticia and blank," and the answer would be Gomez. We only missed two, which were about characters on My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks. Apparently everyone on Team Totally Tits was among the millions who never tuned in to either show.

The final round is always the audio round. This time? Hair metal! Name the song and the artist. Once again it was time to tell the suckers to step back. We scored 53 out of a possible 60 points! (Can you believe we forgot the title of Quiet Riot's "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)"? Also, who has ever heard of White Lion? Not me.) Unfortunately, the Steve McQueens scored a perfect round, 60 out of 60, and walked away the winners.

A reinvigorated Team Totally Tits returns to try to reclaim the trophy from the arch-nemeses the Steve McQueens on Monday, October 13! Pow!

"Oh, You're So Cool, Brewster!"

If you live in Los Angeles, you have to go see this and tell me all about it afterward!

Icons of Fright has a rare treat in store for Los Angeles horror fans: a screening of 1985’s vampire favorite FRIGHT NIGHT that also serves as a first-time reunion of its creators and cast. The midnight show on Friday, September 19 at the Nuart Theatre (11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, West LA), hosted by filmmaker Tim Sullivan, will be attended by writer/director Tom Holland, stars Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Stephen Geoffreys and Jonathan Stark, composer Brad Fiedel and FX artist Randall Cook. They’ll introduce the movie, then take part in a Q&A and sign autographs afterward.

Did you see? Stephen Geoffreys, who played "Evil" Ed, will be there! Now's your chance to ask him about those rumors that he went on to act in gay porn films! Also, Brad Fiedel! He did some of the best movie scores of the '80s and '90s, including Fright Night but also The Big Easy, The Serpent and the Rainbow and Terminator 2. I'm only sorry that Amanda Bearse won't be there. You could have asked her what it was like to work with an actor of Ed O'Neill's caliber on a sitcom that utterly squandered his talent. And of course I'm extremely sad that Roddy McDowall is no longer around to be a part of the Q&A. He was the best part of the movie. Well, him and Brad Fiedel's score.

Fright Night is one of my favorite movies of all time, and definitely one of my top three vampire movies. I envy you, Angelinos!