August 28th, 2008


Bill Clinton and Joe Biden at the Democratic Convention

I was out for most of the night, so I didn't see Bill Clinton's speech, only caught a brief highlight later. Looks like it was a good one. I'll have to find it on YouTube.

Biden. Well, he didn't do that weird talking-through-gritted-teeth thing he does sometimes, and though he was off to a rocky start -- perhaps a result of the fact that he used to stutter, which I didn't know -- his speech wound up being a true rabble-rouser. If the job of the VP at this point in the campaign is to be attack dog, Biden fills the role well. He went after his friend and Senate colleague John McCain without hesitation.

Oh, and Joe Biden's mom is adorable.

But other than nodding my head and saying, "Good speeches," tonight didn't knock me out the way Monday and Tuesday did. I think Biden will be a good VP. And I think -- or I hope -- Bill Clinton is finished with the veiled Obama disses.

We've been saying for nearly three years now that November's election is the Democrats' to lose. So far all the back-biting has been doing a pretty good job of aiming the gun at their collective foot. If they want to win in November, they need to get their crap together, and pronto. Tonight -- and Hillary Clinton's speech last night -- could be an indication that it's finally happening.

As I say so often when it comes to politics, only time will tell.

One Way in Which the Democrats Continue to Embarrass Me

So I'm watching MSNBC's coverage of the final night of the Democratic Convention in Denver (and it looks like Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Joe Scarborough are all behaving themselves tonight -- maybe they got spanked by their bosses), and as they toss to commercial, the camera rises over the crowd that has gathered nearby.

Many of them are carrying Obama/Biden signs. But what else does the camera find?

One sign that reads "9/11 Was an Inside Job" with a silhouette of the burning towers.

Another sign that reads "Legalize Marijuana" with a gigantic pot leaf.

Oy vey.

Barack Obama at the Democratic Convention

Absolutely phenomenal acceptance speech. Inspirational, but also meaty with policy promises and responses to John McCain's stances and ads. A strong, uplifting speech. I think he may have converted quite a few on-the-fence voters tonight.

History was made today, folks. Living history. Your children and grandchildren will read about this day in their history books. For the first time, officially, forty-five years after MLK's seminal "I have a dream" speech, an African-American man is the presidential nominee of a major American party. And with a pretty good chance of winning, too. It was history, and we were there.

(It's interesting to note that today would have been just as historic had Hillary Clinton won the primary. Fascinating times we live in!)