August 27th, 2008


Hillary Clinton's Speech at the Democratic Convention

It was a pretty good speech, actually. Rousing, at times electrifying, at other times funny (I loved the "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit" line). She did such a good job that even Bill seemed captivated by her. Michelle Obama and Joe Biden gave her a bunch of standing Os throughout. All in all, very well done.

(The news coverage leading up to it, however, was abysmal. How many times can a dozen different correspondents ask a dozen different pundits the exact same question: "What does Hillary have to do tonight to bring her supporters to Obama?" And just once I wanted someone to answer with the truth: "Hillary doesn't have to do anything." I also would have liked to hear someone ask what Obama has to do to win over her supporters.)

I do think the speech swayed a lot of the on-the-fence Clinton supporters toward Obama. Especially female voters, when Clinton reminded them about McCain being anti-choice and anti-equal pay. Did it sway all of the holdouts? I doubt it. I don't think anything can. There are some who are still waiting for an inscribed invitation in the form of Joe Biden suddenly deciding he'd rather spend time with his family and being replaced by Clinton; and there are others who are simply using Clinton's defeat as an excuse not to vote for someone they weren't going to vote for anyway (the PUMA people come to mind, as does this new group Democrats for McCain).

I'm still not a big Hillary Clinton fan. I think she's the political machine personified. But she did her part admirably tonight in trying to foster unity between her camp and Obama's. Now Obama himself is going to have to pick up the slack and do the rest of the unifying work. It may be unfair that her supporters aren't all behind him -- or rather, their reasons may be unfair -- but he can't expect Clinton herself to be the magic wand that makes it all go away. It's on his shoulders too.

Tomorrow, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden go head to head to see who can publicly put his foot in his mouth first! (Actually, I expect both their speeches will be quite good. The convention is when people bring their A game.)

At Least It's Not Sofia Coppola Again

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Your result for The Godzilla Personality Test!...

Mothra: The Divine Moth

The goody-two shoes....Mothra.

Bad news: You look really lame. I mean, you're a giant moth for crying out loud! You also tend to be in the shadow of Godzilla alot. Oh and you've got two annoying little fairies always chanting your name and singing when they want to talk to you. *sigh*

Good News: Looks are deceiving. You're actually pretty tough and you've got some cool powers. Aside from the whole silly string and poison dust powers, you've got some major psychic and flying abilities. Oh and at least humanity isn't always trying to shoot you out of the sky like some other people. Plus you've got your own cult, I'd say that's pretty cool.

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Shut up, Mothra's cool. Though would it have killed them to give me Jet Jaguar? Everybody sing!

"Hito ga tsukutta robotto da kedo,

Jetto Jagaa, Jetto Jagaa,

Yatta, Jetto Jagaa

Yuke, yuke, heiwa o mamoru tame,

Minna mo odoroku yuuki wo miseru

Gojira to Jagaa de panchi, panchi, panchi

Nakuna, bokura mo ganbarou"

Today's Favorite Line

"The mall and the company were on Sunrise Highway, the expressway that started near my home at the ass end of Queens, then ran like a long intestine to the tip of Long Island where, seasonally, waste was stored in the great colon known as the Hamptons."

- from Victor LaValle's The Ecstatic

Now That's More LIke It!

Not sure I was happy with Mothra earlier, I decided to retake the quiz but answer the opposite of how I really felt about each question. Kind of like that time George Costanza did the opposite of whatever his instincts told him and kept succeeding. And like George, I too have succeeded!

Your result for The Godzilla Personality Test!...

SpaceGodzilla: The Scourge of the Universe

Oh shit... You're Spacegodzilla.

Bad News: Um, ok here's the deal. If you got this result you probably need serious counseling. SpaceGodzilla is basically evil incarnate. He hates everything (especially Godzilla). As Spacegodzilla, you look a little fat, but thats ok nobody's perfect. You've also got this weird thing with crystals, which is only scary to a certain point, after that it gets weird.

Good News: Telekinesis. Thats right. You're also pretty bad ass and Japan really freaks out if you're heading their way. I mean you probably would have beaten Godzilla too if that little drill machine (MOGUERA) wasn't poking you in the butt the whole time so you're pretty strong. And hey King Ghidorah may actually be more evil than you. Seriously though, get therapy.

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Who you calling fat? Better run, bitches!