August 22nd, 2008


Dexter Season 2

Oh, Dexter, how I've missed you!

I just watched the first three episodes of the second season on DVD and was instantly reminded of why and how much I love this show. The atmosphere, the sense of humor, the great acting and writing. I cheered a hearty "Yay!" for each of the regular characters in the season premiere, especially Deb, Maria and Angel, who is now, hilariously, a New Age Oprah junkie. (Well, I cheered for them all except Principal Blackman Sergeant Doakes, who remains an interesting character utterly destroyed by a terrible actor.)

I'm even tolerating the Rita subplot a little better this time around, probably because there's a lot more drama involved than there was last season. And Lila, Dexter's NA sponsor? You know she's going to be trouble!

Also, as an interesting trivia point, the second season episode "An Inconvenient Lie" is the first time the TV series has used the term "dark passenger," a term in the books that Dexter uses to personify his killer urges. (I haven't read the books yet myself, I learned about the term from a review of the most recent novel.)

You know what occurred to me while I was watching these episodes? Dexter would structurally be almost exactly the same if it were about a closeted gay man instead of a secret serial killer. The sneaking around, the excuses to the girlfriend, the not wanting to get caught, the "I need to do this in order to feel alive" aspect. A random thought, but one that someone will undoubtedly write a paper about someday.

It's great to be back in the world of Dexter. The other discs can't come from Netflix fast enough!