August 21st, 2008


The Dessert Truck

I hadn't even heard of it until last night, and then I immediately assumed it was a myth, the elusive and unbelievable Bigfoot or Chupacabra of mobile foods. A dessert truck? A truck that drives around selling desserts? Surely you jest!

But it's real. I saw it. I even tasted someone's dessert, and it was amazing.

It's a truck. That sells desserts, like molten chocolate cake, and chocolate bread pudding, and various custards. In other words, this ain't no ice cream truck. It sells gourmet type stuff.

Gourmet desserts. Out of a truck. New York is crazy!

A Political Confession

This may sound weird, or controversial, or silly, but...I kind of want Barack Obama to pick Hillary Clinton as his VP. I have to admit, the thought excites me more than the other names that have been floated for the position. It would unify the party instantly, and I suspect it would be an unbeatable ticket as a result. It could also be pie in the sky nonsense. I don't have a crystal ball that can look into the future, so only time would tell.

Of course, John McCain knows the power of the disgruntled Clinton supporters. Let's face it, that's the only reason he's even thinking about a pro-abortion rights Republican (or Independent) as a potential VP. He knows a lot of Clinton supporters won't vote for him because he's anti-abortion rights, but if he can get a pro-choicer on the ticket, he thinks he might be able to scoop them up. (That would come at the cost of quite a few votes from the Republican base, so it probably wouldn't be much of a net gain anyway.)

So, Obama-Clinton? It's growing on me.

The Company You Keep

Brian Keene weighs in on the Bad Moon Books situation.

Brian has a rather unique perspective on all this. He was in talks with Roy Robbins at BMB about doing a book for them, then pulled out after Roy went apeshit in public with the vitriolic, homophobic slurs. That takes guts and a strong sense of right and wrong, if you ask me. We're all looking for publishers to work with, but sometimes it really is about the company you keep.

Also, Brian's essay describes exactly how this is not any kind of organized boycott against Bad Moon Books, but rather a case of a few people -- myself included -- making personal choices about who we choose to support, and who we refuse to.

And he's added this addendum because sometimes people with only half a brain jump to knee-jerk, reactionary conclusions.