August 7th, 2008


LiveJournal Ads

I have the Plus Account here on LiveJournal, which lets me do certain things only Paid Account members can do, like polls, without having to actually pay. In return, they put ads on my journal page and my friends page. Ads I have no control over but that ostensibly will have some kind of connection to what I'm writing about (at least, when the ads aren't about Tom Cruise's 25 years in showbiz, anyway -- I feel like I've been seeing that ad itself for 25 years!).

I must stress again I have no control over the ads LiveJournal places on my page. Because if I did, I sure wouldn't let them post vanity press ads like, especially since I think modern self-publishing is little more than a money-making scam that takes advantage of the dreams of aspiring writers. And I sure as hell wouldn't let them post this one:

Bad enough it's for yet another pay-to-publish vanity site, but that's not my only problem with it. Just look how douchey that guy is! The ridiculous emo hair, the stubble, the blazer over a t-shirt. The laptop clearly set up on a Starbucks table. Is this what CreateSpace thinks of us writers? That we're all douchebags like this guy, and all we do is hang out at Starbucks so that we can be sure people will see us writing? I bet this guy used to turn his speakers to face out his window in college. And he wouldn't even play good music, just obscure folk-reggae hybrids he thought would get him laid. Douchebag.

So thank you, CreateSpace, for giving me another reason to hate you besides the obvious.

And thank you, LiveJournal, for not caring who advertises what on my blog. It's great fodder for blog entries. By the way, did you see that the novel The Gargoyle, which you've also been advertising like crazy on my blog, has been universally panned as an utter failure? I know you don't actually care, I just thought you'd like to know.

We Just Can't Stop Killing Jack Haringa

Another review has surfaced of the Shirley Jackson Award fundraiser/surprise Amazon bestseller, Jack Haringa Must Die!, this time at Dark Scribe Magazine:

Whether you know Jack Haringa or not before reading these grisly tales of woe, by the collection’s end you will have either grown to love him or you will want to write your own version of his untimely demise on March 7, 2009 - the first anniversary of “Kill Jack Haringa on Your Blog Day.”

Jack Haringa Must Die! is the best reviewed book of the year! Eat it, José Saramago!

Buy your copy today!