July 27th, 2008


Sarah & J.T.'s Wedding

Ah, weddings. I love them, and my friends Sarah Langan and J.T. Petty's wedding this weekend was no exception. The ceremony was held in a beautiful Catholic church in Garden City where the priest had the good sense to wear a clip-on mic so everyone in the building could hear. Sarah's dress was stunning, and J.T. and his groomsmen wore traditional, dressy kilts, which could have looked constumey but actually looked smashing. (They all had knives in their socks too. I kept waiting for a ceremonial knife fight to break out, but it never happened.) I actually teared up a little during the ceremony. (Don't tell anyone. I have a reputation to protect.)

The Garden City Hotel was amazing, probably one of the fanciest I've ever stayed at. My roommate David Wellington and I had requested a smoking room, but when we got there we were informed there were no more smoking rooms in the hotel. The concierge asked, "Would it be all right if we put you in a penthouse double with a terrace you can smoke on?" Hell yeah, it would be all right! We actually wound up with a nicer room than Sarah and J.T.! I offered to switch with them, but our room had two double beds instead of their single king, and who wants to spend their wedding night in two double beds? So Dave and I became the talk of the wedding. "Are you the guys in the penthouse?"

There was a pool in the hotel too, but strangely it was not as nice as the pool at this year's Necon. This one was a tiny thing in the middle of the gymnasium, was filled with geriatrics doing their laps, and was touched by not an ounce of sunlight. However, there was an excellent hot tub/jacuzzi right next to it.

Some other thoughts about the wedding weekend:

+ You know you're getting old when you start talking to people at parties about your new pills.

+ I was flirted with quite heavily through the weekend by women of the married-with-kids variety, often right in front of their incredibly patient husbands. I think I just bring it out in them. I certainly don't mind. Also, this is another sign of aging: all the bridesmaids and female guests at my friends' weddings are either married or in committed relationships now.

+ I danced. A lot. I even danced to "SexyBack." Again, tell no one.

+ An observation: I've noticed that the older wedding guests -- the grandparents, great aunts and uncles, etc. -- never leave the dance floor. They dance more than the younger folk do. And they dance to everything!

Doctor Who: "The Stolen Earth"

Yay! Everyone is in this episode! Like, everyone! The only person missing, and who would have made me fall off my couch, is the Brigadier!

Now I'm glad I saw the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, or I would have had no idea who that little boy is, or that stupid Mr. Smith computer. Nice references to Owen and Tosh, too.

And the man in the wheelchair? Oh yes, it's about time he showed up!

Great cliffhanger ending. Unfortunately, it was completely undone by showing scenes from next week's season finale.

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