July 23rd, 2008


Shirley Jackson Awards Benefit Reading Tonight

Tonight is the Shirley Jackson Awards benefit reading at the KGB Bar! Starts at 7 PM, $5 door charge (that's the benefit part) and probably a delicious Chinese dinner afterward for those who can stick around. There is also the rumor of homemade cookies, but if they're baked by Merricat Blackwood, you may want to avoid them.

The KGB Bar, not sane, stands by itself above the Crane Theater, holding the smell of spilled beer in; it has stood so for fifteen years and might stand for fifteen more. I will be there tonight, so that whatever walks there won't have to walk alone.

Health Update Update

I just got back from my local health food store, and after consulting with one of their supplement specialists I've decided to start off my cholesterol-lowering adventure with Omega-3 supplements. (I liked that it was also good for concentration.)

I'll have another blood test in a few months to see if it's doing the trick. If not, I'll then move on to another alternative, such as niacin (which they now make flush-free), Sytrinol (an herbal extract) or red yeast rice (which was surprisingly expensive and may actually still have the natural lovastatin in it after all -- the supplement specialist hadn't even heard of the FDA ordering it removed for over-the-counter sales).

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone! Let our adventures in old-manness begin!