July 16th, 2008


Things of Only Mild Interest

1) I've been getting a lot of spam on LJ recently, mostly today and yesterday. Reply comments to months-old entries that seem, at first glance, to be related to what's being discussed, but then when you track back to see who the heck the LJ belongs to, you find a journal filled with gobbledegook nonsense and links at the bottom for hardcore porn sites. One such fake LJ is summerodaku.

2) My doctor says my cholesterol level is 220, the same as it was several years ago when I altered my diet accordingly and started exercising more, and it's really supposed to be below 200. Also, I don't have enough of the "good" cholesterol. He says I'm borderline and it's not an emergency, but he thinks I should go on a statin to even things out anyway. My only problem with this plan is that a statin prescription is pretty much a lifelong commitment, since I don't know of anyone who has stopped taking one and seen their cholesterol level stay low, and the idea of having to take a prescription drug for the rest of my life, especially one my mother takes and my grandmother took, is making me feel really old. Of course, there's a history of heart trouble in my mother's family, and I suppose feeling really old might be preferable to feeling really heart-attacky.

3) I don't know whether to bring my laptop to Necon. The whole point of a laptop is its portability, of course, but I know myself pretty well. I'll probably just wind up reading on the train ride up, and I doubt I'll even try to get any work done at the convention itself. Especially now that there's a pool.

Where's Waldo?

Have a good weekend, everybody! Some of you I'll see at Necon (tomorrow through Saturday), and some of you I'll see at Readercon (Sunday for the Shirley Jackson Awards presentation). I'll be happy to sign copies of Jack Haringa Must Die! for you at either event.

I'll be without internet access until I'm back home Sunday night, so the rest of you please try not to do or say anything too interesting. I don't want to miss anything!