July 13th, 2008


KGB Fantastic Fiction Online Raffle

The KGB Fantastic Fiction Online Raffle starts tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this) and continues through July 28th! In order to help support this legendary reading series -- a monthly event where I have met and befriended many wonderful authors and editors, including 14theditch, maryrobinette, glvalentine, vschanoes, Kelly Link, Gavin Grant, Stewart O'Nan, realthog, Rick Bowes, johnjosephadams, nballingrud, Gordon Van Gelder and many others, including perennial hostess ellen_datlow herself -- they're raffling off a wide variety of donations from well-known luminaries in the spec-fic field. Here are just a few examples of what you can win:

· Story in a bottle by Michael Swanwick
· Tuckerization (your name in a story) by Lucius Shepard
· Tuckerization by Elizabeth Hand
· Tuckerization by Jeffrey Ford
· Pen & Ink drawing of an animal-your choice- by Gahan Wilson
· Original art for a George R. R. Martin novel by Tom Canty
· John Picacio signed print of art for Michael Moorcock novel
· Naomi Novik signed TEMERAIRE first edition
· Your very own wormhole from physicist Michio Kaku
· Peter Straub excerpt of a short story, "Mallon the Guru," deleted from novel-in-progress, THE SKYLARK
· Holly Black signed advance copy of GOOD NEIGHBORS
· Original art by Terri Windling
· Carol Emshwiller signed manuscript of THE ABOMINABLE CHILD’S TALE
· Complete set of back issues and lifetime subscription to PARADOX MAGAZINE
· Critique of a short story by Ellen Datlow
· Critique of a short story by Gardner Dozois
· Critique of a short story by Nancy Kress
· Two year subscription to SYBIL’S GARAGE MAGAZINE
· Ray Bradbury limited edition worth $900

There's a full list of prizes on the raffle website. Each item will be raffled off separately, so you can buy as many tickets as you like for each individual prize. Me, I think I'm going to try for the Jeffrey Ford tuckerization and the Peter Straub excerpt!