July 9th, 2008


Creepy Old Man Spotted Riding Carousel With Young Children

I think it's been decades -- literally decades -- since I've been on the Central Park Carousel, so when vschanoes recommended it as part of today's Central Park excursion I thought, What a good idea!

And indeed it was. It was quite awesome to ride it again -- awesome in an Oh my god, I'm a thirty-nine-year-old man riding a carousel! sort of way. vschanoes insisted we both ride on the horses on the outside edge because they go faster, so rather than riding next to each other, I rode a couple of horses ahead of her. At one point, convinced we suddenly looked like a chase scene out of a John Ford western, I turned back to her and yelled, "You'll never catch me!" If only we'd had cap guns!

My favorite part of the carousel, though? The little closet in the side of the building where a man was working on his laptop. I don't know what he was doing in there, but every time we passed the closet he seemed deep in concentration. Except for the one time we passed the closet and he was suddenly gone! Eerily, the laptop remained.

Then we went to the zoo, where we saw the penguins get fed, got mooned by the polar bear, and witnessed the hottest, sexiest turtle orgy this side of Yertle the Turtle. The children's zoo was less exciting, though we did get to see toddlers scream in terror when they were approached by sheep at the petting zoo, then throw their fistfuls of feed, which their parents had paid money for, at the animals and run away. Good times.

I didn't get to see the bronze animals parade around the zoo clock on the hour, but I did hear the chimes play!