July 8th, 2008



I haven't weighed myself in at least a year, probably more. I don't keep a scale in the house, and since I tend to gain weight very easily if I'm not careful (thanks for the sluggish metabolism, mom and dad!), having my own scale would only drive me bananas.

Mmmmm, bananas...

But today I went for a checkup, something I've kind of fallen out of the habit of doing and need to keep up with annually, and the doctor weighed me. I came in at 189. Which surprised me -- I thought I was more like 180 or even 175.

"How is 189 for someone my height?" I asked, my height being exactly 6 feet.

The doctor looked me up and down and said, "You could stand to lose some." Which made me feel a little bit of shame. But then he said, "You wouldn't miss 10 pounds," and I felt better. Ten pounds isn't so bad. Being 10 pounds over my prime weight is nothing. I'll probably lose that naturally over the summer, as I tend to eat less and lighter in hot weather anyway, not to mention doing more walking than in the colder months.

Also, did you know that in New York they do not automatically check your blood tests for HIV? I had to use a special requisition form for that, which strikes me as kind of nuts. I mean, if you've got the blood there already, why not test it for everything? Anyway, it's not like I've done anything too risky, but I figured it couldn't hurt to get checked out.