July 2nd, 2008


Little Britain

I've been watching Little Britain on DVD after numerous recommendations from everyone everywhere, and I'm really loving its wacky, surreal British humor.

Needless to say, the unseen narrator, voiced by Tom Baker, is my favorite character. He gets all the best lines. Two of my favorites so far:

"Books were introduced into Britain in the 1950s. Early books had no words or pictures. But nowadays the book world is thriving, with over seven books published every year!"

"With nothing to watch but repeats on the telly of Doctor Who, Medics, and that episode of Blackadder II I was on, Lou and Andy go to rent a video."

Funny stuff. I normally tire quickly of sketch comedy, especially when they use recurring characters, but this is very, very good. Thanks for the recommendation, entire world!

Jack Haringa Must Be Given Away!

Lon Prater is running a contest for a free copy of Jack Haringa Must Die!, edited by yours truly, over at his blog. Here's the dilly:

I'm going to buy a copy of the book as a special gift for the reader who posts (in comments of this thread) a picture of the printed sign, billboard or newspaper headline that I feel "boasts" the most egregious violation of accepted spelling and grammar rules. You have to take the picture yourself, honor system applies. If I can't make up my mind because the egregiousness of it all is just too much to handle, I'll call on mssrcrankypants himself to settle the tie.

Contest ends 1159 pm EST on Thursday, 10 July, 2008. Winner will be announced by 12 July. Feel free to spread the word, all you grammar nuts and shutterbugs!

So head on over there and post your pictures of crazy menu items (like the Chinese restaurant I was at once that offered a "deletable brown sauce"!) or eye-rollingly ridiculous signs (like the roadside sign I saw advertising "Norwalk Commnuity College"!), and you can win yourself a copy of the surprise Amazon bestseller! Also, the vengeful ghost of Jack Haringa will spare you his wrath.