June 30th, 2008


Jack Haringa Must Be Reviewed!


Wine Stuff

This afternoon I schlepped my lazy butt into SoHo to visit lupa at her place of employment: Vintage New York, a wine shop and tasting bar that specializes in New York wines (I had a refreshing white from the North Fork of Long Island!). It's quite a nice place, one of those best-kept secrets you sometimes stumble across in New York City. Or at least it seemed that way to me. In the kind of magical thinking one is more likely to find in babies than thirty-nine-year-old men, I tend to assume anyplace I've never been before is brand new. (In fact it's been there seven years.)

There, lupa introduced me to her boss, the noirishly named Robert Ransom, who sat with me for an hour and answered all sorts of questions about wine, fungi and the workings of a vineyard as research for my next novel, Noble Rot. (Yes, I said next novel. I can't talk about the one I'm writing now until July.)

They were both incredibly helpful, and now I have five pages of notes to transcribe. (The longer I wait, the less legible my handwriting becomes.)

Also, I got a little tipsy. But it's not drinking in the afternoon, it's wine tasting!