June 19th, 2008


Who Knew the GOP Could Actually Get it Right Once in a While?


"Hi, I'm Igor and I'll be your waiter."

At this point, I feel like I know the Jekyll and Hyde Club as well as I do my own apartment. I went there last July with strange (she even wrote a Travelogue of Terror column about our experience for Rue Morgue), then again in September with Kelli, and then again like two weeks after that for livia_llewellyn's birthday. It's a fun place and all, but man, talk about ODing. Also, hello, twenty-dollar salads!

Still, I've agreed to meet glamberson there tonight, along with 18 of his closest friends, because, well, how often does Greg come into town? Plus, Greg assures me his friends are "normal" and I might even be able to have an intelligent conversation that doesn't end with me calling someone a mouth-breathing fucktard. Not that I use that kind of language in public, of course.

Since it's been nearly a year since my last visit, I think I can handle it again. And it's always cool meeting new people. But still, hello, twenty-dollar salads!