June 9th, 2008


Dirty Deeds...Not Done at All

Can someone please explain to me why there's no AC/DC available on iTunes? I wanted to download "Dirty Deeds," but all I could find was a hip-hop mashup and about ten thousand covers by other, distinctly non-AC/DC bands. I am filled with rage!

Addendum; Ah, it seems AC/DC told iTunes to shove off last summer, and their music is now only available via Verizon downloads. Except you can't just download one song, you have to download the entire album, for more money. Rage!

The Trivia King Comes Roaring Back

After coming in a pitiful fourth last month, my team slammed its way back to the top spot tonight at trivia and yanked the trophy back from the new guys who won it last time. We have now made history by being the first four-time winners in this trivia competition! Of course, our main rivals, the Steve McQueens, weren't there this time, which I think made it that much easier. Aside from winning a $50 bar tab, we also won adorable children's sunglasses, which are way too small to fit any of us but have a certain kitschy value nonetheless.

I think it's rather telling that the two categories we aced, pushing us into an unbeatable first place, were Junk Food and Comic Book Characters!

We also did surprisingly well on the Colonial American History category. Thank you, HBO miniseries John Adams!

This month's audio round was even crazier than the Backwards Beatles round from a few months ago. It was called Robot Music, and it was basically pop songs distorted through some weird electronic device for which we then had to guess the title and artist. We did all right, not bad but not great. We would have done better if we could have remembered who did "Turning Japanese" and if we hadn't mistaken a Bobbie Brown song for a Janet Jackson song.

We return Monday, July 14 to defend our title! Bring it on, poseurs!