May 31st, 2008


Doctor Who: "The Poison Sky"

Sooooooo much better than part one, "The Sontaran Stratagem"! Everything that was kind of ridiculous in the first part was redeemed in the second. (Well, except making the Sontarans look even sillier than they used to.) Anyway, if the formula for all the past seasons is still being adhered to, the Sontarans will show up again at the end of the season for the big climax. Shortly after the obligatory Dalek episode.

But yay, they mentioned the Rutans, the Sontarans' mortal enemies! And they mentioned the Brigadier! (Apparently "Sir Alastair" is still alive and in Peru for some reason.) Now if only Benton had shown up. Or Jo -- but only if she had the exact same haircut and fashion sense.

They also wound up doing some good stuff with nerdy Sontaran accomplice Rattigan, who I thought was a ridiculous character at first -- and who, I noticed, looked kind of like Matt Schwartz from some angles!

Great one-second cameo on the TARDIS video screen from you-know-who. I don't know what they're setting up, but it should be interesting.

And next week it looks like we have every Doctor Who erotic fanfic writer's dream come true: a cute little blonde calling the Doctor "daddy". Aw yeah, time to break out the paddle. The sonic paddle!