May 30th, 2008


The Lost Finale

Do you realize we waited a whole year just to find out who was in that dang casket? I loved how the scene played out though, with another character showing up just as you were starting to think maybe that very same character was the one in the casket. Well done.

Also...three years? THREE YEARS?

I so want to talk about that last scene on the boat where Michael gets an unexpected visitor, but I'm trying to keep the spoiler quotient low. Same with who visits Hurley in the institution. Both awesome, awesome scenes.

It seems as if Desmond's plotline may be at an end, which is both joyous and saddening, since he's one of my favorite characters. I hope he returns next season, but at the same time, I'm kind of happy to leave him where he is.

The giant frozen donkey wheel was...interesting. Suitably low tech for the island, but it gave me unfortunate flashbacks to Arnie's Conan.

Locke's new role on the island? Awesome. Now he and Richard need to make out like they so obviously want to.

And of course they managed to get Sawyer's shirt off again, and get Kate doused. Honestly, what's with these directors? It's like they keep trying to set up an impromptu romance novel cover.

A good finale to an excellent season. I think fewer episodes and the inclusion of Brian K. Vaughn as a writer have done wonders for the show. Can't wait for season 5.

Just please don't keep us waiting much longer to tell us about the giant foot statue!

Edited to add: Some spoilers in comments.

From the Files of "Why, God, Why?"

Call it the Indiana Jones effect. One week after Paramount's successful relaunch of one of its prime franchises, the studio announced it is lining up a fourth instalment in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

Eddie Murphy, who stars in this summer's comedy Meet Dave, is poised to reprise his role as the fast talking detective Axel Foley and Rush Hour's Brett Ratner is in talks to direct.

It's been 14 years since John Landis directed Beverly Hills Cop III but Paramount executives feel confident that the franchise has legs and decided to take a punt on reviving the story line after Murphy pitched the idea.

I find Paramount's confidence misplaced at best. Did anyone even see the third one? Or the second one, for that matter?

Brett Ratner's involvement is just another shovel for digging this project's grave. I can think of no living director short of Uwe Boll who is as bad at his job as Ratner. Why is this man still working?

Now throw in Harold Faltermeyer's ultra-80s theme song "Axel F" and tell me this project isn't going to be a money pit.

Oh, Hollywood, will you never grow tired of the taste of your own tail?


dean_italiano and gsguitar's twins are oot and aboot!

They were born at 2:53 this afternoon.

Kaden Italiano came first, weighing 4 pounds, 2 ounces.

Thomas Italiano followed his brother, weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

They're premature by a couple of weeks -- which isn't unusual for twins -- and are staying in the preemie ward even though don't need intensive care or oxygen machines. G says they look so healthy you wouldn't even know they were preemies, except that one is bigger than the other. (Which is why the doctors wanted to do it now. It seems Thomas was stealing some of Kaden's nutrients in utero. What a sneaky little hog!)

Kaden and Thomas will be staying at the hospital for at least another week to make sure everything's groovy. Marcy has to stay until Monday, and then she and G will be visiting the twins every day until the boys can come home.