May 26th, 2008


The Department of So-Five-Minutes-Ago Movie Reviews

So. Iron Man. What can I say? The story was ridiculous, the plot developments held absolutely no surprises ("Wait, he's the bad guy? No way!"), and I loved it.

I was never into Iron Man, never read any of the comics he appeared in. Ask me about the Mandarin and I'll tell you it's a lovely hotel. But I'd heard great things about the movie and went today with the last two other people on Earth who hadn't seen it already.

As I said, the movie is ridiculous. Utterly. But there are such moments of contagious joy sprinkled throughout, and whenever the movie takes a break from the plot to focus on the characters -- e.g., the scene on the roof where Pepper Potts freaks out in front of Tony Stark -- it leaps to life.

In other words, Iron Man is at its best when Tony Stark isn't wearing the suit.

Oh, and the coda? F*** all of you for telling me to sit through something like twelve minutes of endless credits for a minute-long scene involving a well known actor giving what will go down in history as the worst performance of his career. He only has, like, three lines, and the whole S.H.I.E.L.D. thing had already been set up anyway. I hate you, online fandom.

But if you can get past the fact that it's a man in a giant flying metal suit fighting another man in an even gianter flying metal suit, Iron Man actually has a lot to offer, especially in the quieter, character-driven scenes. It's a big, dumb summer movie that's actually kind of smart at times.

The Babies Are Coming!

I just got off the phone with dean_italiano. She had an OB appointment today and the doctor said, "Do you realize you're having contractions? Like right now?" Oddly, she didn't know. She thought she'd been having Braxton-Hicks contractions roughly three times a day recently, but it turns out she's having four or five contractions per hour. The babies are on their way!

They're a bit premature, so the doctors are keeping Marcy in hospital on strict bedrest until the twins are born. They expect the birth by the end of this week. Marcy's not going home until those babies are oot and aboot!