May 14th, 2008



Another TV series cancelation has been announced, though at least this time it's for a show I thought was absolute rubbish from the start. I could barely sit through the entire pilot episode, and I never tuned in again after that. I originally predicted it would be canceled by episode 5, but to my surprise it managed to last an entire season. But now, finally, it's dead. Staked through the heart, decapitated and buried at the crossroads.

CBS has decided not to renew the freshman vampire drama Moonlight for a second season, Variety reported. Despite confidence among the show's cast and crew and a core audience of dedicated fans, declining ratings and creative upheaval behind the scenes did not impress CBS. The show has had five different showrunners during its first year and budgetary issues have been a source of conflict between the studio and the network.

Typo of the Day

Today's Typo of the Day:

In referencing the classic musical, I meant to write Guys and Dolls.

What I actually wrote was Guys on Dolls.

Thank you, you've been a great audience! Try the veal!