May 13th, 2008


As I Thought, That Was Not the End of Scrubs

ABC is...picking up the NBC comedy "Scrubs" for midseason. ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson, who has feuded with his NBC counterpart Ben Silverman, noted Tuesday that the comedy had 17 different time slots at NBC and received little promotion.

Yay! I like Scrubs and I'm glad it's coming back, because as series finales go, last week's stupid fairy-tale episode would have ranked among the worst ever.

The same article linked to above mentions that ABC is only airing two new shows in the fall: David E. Kelly's remake of the British series Life on Mars and some Ashton Kutcher-produced game show where people knock on strangers' doors and presumably try not to get shot.

Not coming back? Notes from the Underbelly, October Road and (sorry, mauricebroaddus!) Women's Murder Club.

But According to Jim remains in production. Go figure.

In Other TV News...

The CW network has given a 13-episode midseason renewal to its comedic hourlong series Reaper.

I did not see that coming. I thought Reaper was pretty much dead, having lost a great deal of its initial audience. It's not a bad show, but it's not a great one either. Maybe they can use this reprieve from cancellation to retool the show to better reach its potential.

Some suggestions? More Ray Wise as the Devil. Put a muzzle on Sock once in a while. Get rid of that third-wheel friend whose name I can't even remember right now. Lose the chick from Stick It -- she sucks and has no chemistry with the lead. Bring Sam's parents into the picture more often. After all, they're the ones who sold Sam's soul to the Devil in the first place. They should be far more involved in the storylines than they currently are. In fact, I don't think we've seen either of Sam's parents for weeks now.

Basically, though I hate to put it this way, they need to Buffy it up.

The TV Nerd has spoken, now do as he says!