May 12th, 2008


The Trivia King is Dethroned

4th place! 4th place! Argh!

My team did so-so the visual round -- always my least favorite -- where we had to identify the states (plus DC) of all 51 license plates, but where we really blew it was during an incredibly hard round right afterward. Called "Musician's Names," the host announced a name, place of birth and date of birth, and we had to come up with that person's stage name. No easy ones like Gordon Sumner either, though we did land Joey Ramone, Freddy Mercury, Elton John, LL Cool Jay and a small handful of others. It was a tough break.

We fumbled a bit during the final audio round as well, where we were asked to identify the artist doing the cover song that was playing as well as name who originally performed it. I forgot it was After the Fire who covered Falco's "Der Komissar" in English. And who knew Bowie's "China Girl" was a cover? Not me. (It was originally an Iggy Pop song, I learned.)

In our defense, though, we were down one team member tonight. Who knows how it would have turned out otherwise?

Anyway, we return June 9 to try to regain our title. Or at least land in the top 3 again.