May 9th, 2008


The End to an Already Sucktastic Week

kelliwithani82 was rear-ended by a drunk driver (who had his two kids and wife with him in the car!) on the New Jersey Turnpike this evening on her way to Brooklyn to see me. The back of the Kellimobile is completely trashed. She's fine, though the police took her to a nearby hospital in Hamilton, NJ to make certain because she was sore from the impact and the airbag. The hospital said it was just the expected bruising, nothing to worry about, and gave her some codeine (which she is loving and insists I try sometime). Her parents are there with her and are taking her home.

I've been going out of my mind all night, feeling impotent not being there with her and guilty because she was coming to see me. I offered to come to the hospital however I could -- car service, train, bus, fucking Learjet-- but with her parents coming, she said I didn't need to. So all I could do was pace like a trapped animal in my apartment and check in with her constantly. And bless her heart, she kept calling and texting to tell me not to worry.

But she's fine and she's not alone, she's not in pain anymore and she's going home. I'm so keyed up and freaked out I don't even know what to do with myself.

The single red rose I bought this afternoon to surprise her with is still on my dining room table, the white wine still chilling in the fridge.

I'm just glad she's okay.