May 7th, 2008


Kelly Link at the Seaport

Last night I went to see Kelly Link read at the New York Review of Science Fiction series at the South Street Sea Port -- but first, there was a pre-reading cocktail party with most of the members of Who Wants Cake at M.M. DeVoe's house.

The first thing Milda's little boy said to me when I walked into their apartment was, "How many pounds are you?" And I thought, Jeez, I wore this Night Shade Posse t-shirt because I thought it would make me look cool, not fat!

Milda put out a fine spread of finger foods and, in addition to wine and beer, served a rather nice 15-year-old single malt. After two glasses on the rocks, I was pleasantly buzzed and in the perfect mood to go to a reading.

I haven't heard Kelly Link read in a dog's age, probably since her last KGB Bar appearance, so it was a real treat. (Even more of a treat was learning she has yet another collection coming out this year!) Link is one of those writers where every time I read her work, or listen to her read, I am overcome by jealousy. I want to be a stylist of her caliber. I want to be able to write prose that absolutely hypnotizes the reader. Like Peter Straub, Kelly Link makes me want to be a better writer.

The other reader was Jennifer Stevenson, who read from one of her humorous erotic fantasies -- The Brass Bed, I think. It was cute, but not really my cuppa. And besides, no one should have to read after Kelly Link. She's a tough act to follow and would make anyone else's prose sound pedestrian.

It was a great night out with the Who Wants Cake gang -- a fun event on a night of beautiful weather. Sometimes I hate New York City and think I couldn't possibly leave fast enough, but last night was one of those perfect nights that makes me love living in New York again.