April 24th, 2008


Outing Namor

I was at my friend's comic book shop today, looking at the promotional Avengers/Invasion Sketch Book thingy she had out on the counter. I flipped through it with a mild disinterest -- superhero comics aren't really my thing, and superhero teams even less so -- and there was Namor, the Sub-Mariner, soaring through the air and attacking some kind of villain.

"I love how Namor flies around in nothing but his tiny swim shorts," I said.

"Oh yeah," my friend replied. "He's totally gay." She's a lesbian, so she can say these things without me frowning at her.

I looked at the picture again. Ripped abs, sculpted chest, lean but muscular legs, and...short-shorts. Yeah, I thought, he might be the first openly gay superhero. And not just open but, like, flamboyantly so. Someone should write that story arc. In fact, that should totally be the plot of the next, zillionth Crisis crossover. All the superheroes come out of the closet and the population that idolized them doesn't know what to do with the information.

I've even got the opening. The truth comes out when Namor is discovered working his night job at some kind of alien go-go club!

scottedelman, go pitch this and give me half the money!