April 21st, 2008


Portishead: Third

It's been 11 years since their last studio album, but the exciting news is that it looks like the UK band Portishead is finally back with new material. I'm so out of touch when it comes to music news, I didn't even know Portishead was still active until I read the review of the new album, Third, in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The review was a positive one (they gave the album a B+), but it seemed to come with some reservations, namely that their signature trip-hop style -- or, as I call it, "OMG, I'm moody and on heroin!" -- has morphed into something a little less groove-oriented. Which is fine, theoretically, but it made me want to listen to some samples before committing to buying the CD. Unfortunately, iTunes was no help, listing all the of Third's tracks as "album only." Grrrr. In the end, all I could find was the new song "Machine Gun" on Portishead's MySpace page.

(That Portishead has a MySpace page saddens me inexplicably.)

But I like the song, and it doesn't sound that different from their previous work after all.

So, has anyone heard the whole album? Is it worth the money I ought to be saving?