April 17th, 2008


Hangin' with the Soviets

Fun night tonight (or, I guess, last night, now that I see the time) at the KGB Bar hearing Jack Ketchum and P.D. Cacek read. Two horror writers -- and it's not even October! (I realized tonight that I don't see Trish Cacek as often as I thought. Maybe twice a year. One being Necon, the other being when she comes to read at the KGB Bar. I think the Ketchum-Cacek double play has become an annual event!)

The crowd was great, as usual, and this time there were two surprise guests: suricattus and my old college friend lupa, who, it turns out, has been a big Jack Ketchum fan all this time. I never knew! As someone who has known him for a long time, I was happy to introduce her to her literary idol.

I'm starting to think the Fantastic Fiction Reading Series needs a new home, though. The KGB Bar is wonderful in so many ways, but it's just not big enough anymore. For at least a year now, maybe longer, every month's event has been standing room only. And when the readers have really big followings? Hooo boy, you can't even get in the door! I don't know what hosts ellen_datlow and Matt Kressel can do about it, other than find another venue to fit everyone more comfortably, but there's such a sense of history and tradition to having the readings at the KGB Bar that the mere thought of relocating makes me inexplicably sad.

Still, it was a fun night, and I was very happy to run into lupa and catch up with her.

Then I came home, discovered they'd recasted the role of Gracie on Back to You for no good reason and felt like abandoning the show forever in a fit of apoplexy. But then the show made me laugh, so I stopped with the hate. Still, why recast? The original Gracie was just fine. This new one looks younger and, in a weird way I can't quite define, less intelligent.