April 15th, 2008


The Trivia King is Triumphant!

Team Totally Tits won at trivia again last night! We also made history again, becoming the first three-time winner in this particular trivia competition's history. We won the beloved trophy back from two-time winners The Steve McQueens and will be adding a third boob-shaped sticker to it before next time. We've already made the requisite Total Recall jokes.

The Steve McQueens are good. Really good. We only won last night by a single point. I have a feeling we're just going to keep handing the trophy back and forth every month.

Among the ridiculously hard rounds last night was one where we had to match the anniversary to the traditional gift -- i.e., what year is oak, what year is coral, what year is tin, etc. I think we only got 4 right. We slammed back hard with a TV round -- despite the fact that a lot of the questions were about reality shows, and the TV Nerd doesn't do reality shows; luckily teammate Katie was all over that -- and an audio round where we had to identify titles and musicians of one-hit wonders (it pays to have been in high school in the 1980s).

We return May 12 to defend our title!

Next Year's Bram Stoker Awards -- Not in Winnipeg!

HWA members just got word from our President, Deborah LeBlanc, that, for a variety of reasons, next year's Bram Stoker Awards will not be held in conjunction with the 2009 World Horror Convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Instead, it will be part of a stand-alone, weekend-long event in Los Angeles in June.

Personally, this comes as a relief. There was no way I was going to be able to make Winnipeg. It's closer to where I live than L.A., sure, but as an international flight it would undoubtedly put a bigger dent in my checkbook, one I can't afford. Los Angeles, on the other hand, I might be able to swing if I can find cheap airfare. Hope springs eternal. (The fact that it will be in June instead of March/April also means the Stoker reading period will be longer, which can only lead to a more diverse range of quality work on the Final Ballot.)

Hats off to John R. Little and cinriter for taking on this project. Having helped put together a Bram Stoker Award Weekend myself, back in '06, I can vouch for just how much work it is, and how stressful it can be. Thanks in advance, you two. We all owe you big time.

Anyway, more news on this -- including whether I'll be able to go -- as it develops.