March 31st, 2008


It's an Honor Just to Be Nominated

General Slocum's Gold didn't win the Bram Stoker Award Saturday night. The Long Fiction award went to that talented bastard haceldama's story "Afterward, There Will Be a Hallway" instead. But that's okay. He gave a very moving acceptance speech -- which was better than my planned speech, which consisted of "Ha ha, see ya, suckers!" -- and in the end, all the attending Long Fiction nominees settled it like gentlemen. (I'm disappointed I didn't get to accept an award on pgtremblay's behalf, though. That would have been fun.)

I was more nervous than I thought I would be. All through the banquet before the awards ceremony, I could barely speak. I couldn't answer any questions or make any decisions. All I could do was stare at the cheesecake dessert, which they had mysteriously put on our table before anything else was served, and sweat. Thank God kelliwithani82 was there to hold my clammy hand and try to keep me calm. I also had a killer tension headache and felt so hot I thought there must be something wrong with the air conditioning. But then, when they announced Gary's name instead of mine, my headache disappeared like that and I wasn't burning up anymore and could actually enjoy myself enough to rejoice at my friend and fellow Who Wants Cake? member Sarah Langan's win in the Novel category for The Missing! Yay Sarah!

Other highlights include:
+ seeing so many friends I rarely get to see, and that's always the best part
+ meeting people face to face who I only know from LJ or the HWA message board
+ being interviewed on-camera for a local news program; I have no idea if it ran or if they used my footage at all, especially since I hemmed and hawed like a moron and started babbling about Harry Potter or something -- I don't really recall because the camera was so close to my face I thought they were taking dental X-rays; afterward, I turned them over to jlassen, who I'm sure did a better job
+ joining Night Shade's t-shirt posse; Jeremy's face will always be on my chest now
+ the Who Wants Cake? panel, which was amazingly well attended for a panel about a crit group; afterward we heard from several people with their own crit groups who told us the panel was very helpful and informative
+ the Creating Horror Characters panel, where I got to sit next to my unofficial mentor Mort Castle and discover, to my delight, just how much he and I think alike sometimes
+ the signing at the HWA table in the dealer's room was fun, if kind of so-so for me in terms of sales, but the mass signing Friday night was a nice ego-boost, especially when people brought me copies of On Writing Horror to sign -- that thing is still selling strong! -- or stopped by to compliment Slocum
+ all the party rooms were a thousand degrees and smelled like ass, so a bunch of us hung out in Dave Wellington's room a lot, which was great fun

All in all, a wonderful time, as these things usually are. Now it's time to struggle with the normal bout of post-con depression and try to resume my usual schedule!

Edited to add: As usual, I didn't bring a camera, but you can find some pictures from the convention here and here.