March 19th, 2008


Miss Guided

ABC premiered the new sitcom Miss Guided tonight, and I have to say, I liked it a lot. Arrested Development's enormously talented Judy Greer stars as a guidance counselor working at the high school she used to attend. Unfortunately, her old high school rival, the perfect and popular girl, has returned as a teacher, bringing all of our heroine's old insecurities to the surface once more. Chris Parnell also stands out as the bumbling Vice Principal.

Speaking of AD, the show has a very Arrested Development (the documentary bits, the wittiness) meets Strangers with Candy (the high school setting, the absurd humor) feel to it. The creator, Caroline Williams, worked on The Office, and you can tell she has a firm grasp on the smart, awkward funnies. Also, hooray for the lack of laugh track!

They're showing two more episodes this Thursday, which I think will become its regular night.

The TV Nerd says: Worth it!